If you are wondering how my stylings come to life, let me take you on a little journey behind the scenes.
It can all start from something really really small. Something as small as one of my favourite flowers coming into its bloom season. Or it could be that I might have just been to see a wonderful exhibition in this great city that is London. It might be a recent travel experience, or I might have come across a stunning photograph that has taken my breath away. The light, the pose, the eyes…something has captured my attention and sparked my creativity. It’s normally all in the little details, in the textures, in the colours, in the emotion that the piece of art, the common object or experience conveys to me.

Once I have the initial idea, I will then start searching for the perfect venue to complement the idea and make it come to life. The venue is one of the most important elements for a styling, it sets the tone and defines the space in which to work. The perfect venue will allow you to transform it, to mould it into your own special setting for a wedding. I’m always drawn to any style of venue that reminds me of a walled secret garden. It can be a private garden in the city, a greenhouse, a conservatory. Anything with modern lines, mixed with textured walls, plenty of flowers all around and a private feel to it. Here below is a little galleries of some venues in and around London I just love.

I will then start sketching ideas, and little post-its will be scattered all around the room, full of scribbles that usually only make sense to me at this stage! I usually start with dividing the day into the most important moments: the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the dinner, the cake cutting, the first dance. I will think about where are guests are arriving from, which areas is the bride walking through to arrive to the altar, what are the focal points of the venue, and how to create more of those and to enhance the existing ones. I start visualising the different shots in my head, as vivid as I were right there in the room. I can almost touch the textures, I can see the bride and groom dancing cheek to cheek, I can smell the flowers and hear the sound of the dishes being served. Pinterest boards will be done for each of the most important spaces/moments, pinning like crazy at first and then going back to refine it all. I browse through interior designs websites, jewellers’ collection, ceramic studio Instagram’s…the scribbles now become more defined and resemble full drawings, and I start looking into which suppliers are the perfect match to the feel of the day.

Cake Tortik Annushka, Dress Jenny Lessin, flowers found on Botanical brouahah

Flowers are always one of the main elements of my stylings. One of the most stunning installations was done for the ceremony of A&L at Number 16 Firmdale hotel in Kensington. This hotel is a little gem in the very heart of the city of London, and offers a quiet and private feel for an intimate ceremony and reception. Palais flowers constructed a very romantic cherry blossom arch, so dreamy and, here you will have to believe me, so fragrant!

Photograph: Roberta Facchini Photography

This particular styling was inspired by a botanical illustration exposition I had seen just a couple of weeks before in Kew Gardens. I took that initial inspiration and twisted it in a modern city affair in a secluded venue. One of the more literal touches were the tiles from Rachel Dein, an artist who creates flower impressions in a variety of media, which I used as favours for the guests. Aren’t those just wonderful?

The personalised and unexpected touches are one of the most important elements of any styling. What makes your heart skip a beat? What defines you as a couple? Think outside the box.

I hope you enjoyed the little journey behind the scenes of my styling process.
Anna Fern