Are Wedding Flowers Expensive?

We will start saying something very controversial, as florists: flowers are not essential, flowers are something you need to want to have for your wedding.

We think of flower design as an art and of every wedding as a new opportunity to create something unique, breath-taking and meaningful. We love large installations, overflowing vases of flowers. We also love more paired back designs, which look minimal, but sometimes take more time and effort to perfect than the larger ones. We go all in for our couples, we spend days selecting the shades that would make your design interesting and bring your venue to life, we brainstorm which blooms would look best and which to pair together for that specific feel. Leading up to the wedding day we run through the list of things to do incessantly, ticking off task after task, finding vessels and vases, and about 2-3 weeks before we start ordering your blooms, battling through availability changes due to the weather. We carefully and lovingly make sure each and every flower we receive is in tip-top conditions to make it into your arrangements, bouquets, corsages. We work endless hours, together with our team, to create the arrangements on the days before, and then on the day, usually running on little sleep, scattered snacks and massive amounts of coffee. All this because we love what we do and we love your reaction when we bring you your flowers and you see the venue transformed! We might be on hand during the day if any room swap is needed, and once you start dancing, we are still up and running and ready to come in and take it all down once the party ends. This can take a few hours, and before we are in bed we would have been up for almost 20 hours. The day after, we wake up to a sea of buckets to scrub, vases to clean, flowers and greenery to bag and dispose of, and returning any props or hire items too. And we love it.

All this to say, the cost of wedding flowers is not only the cost of the raw materials. It’s the cost of the hours of training, the hours of caring for the flowers, of designing arrangements, of transforming mere blooms into magic, of the art and passion that goes into what we do. If you love flowers and just cannot imagine having your wedding without them, then we are the florist for you and we cannot wait to meet you!