My Favourite Seasonal British Flowers for your May Wedding

If you are getting married in May, oh, I envy you bride!

May flowers are gorgeous, you can find some that are very large headed and impactful and some that are intricate, small and dainty. Nature has finally woken up, put the duvet firmly back in the wardrobe and it’s gifting us with the most amazing blooms for a wedding. The colour palette is even more bright and joyful than the one of April, with additional pops of blue and purples, and flowers are heavily scented.

Here are my personal favourite flowers for May weddings, I hope this get you inspired with shapes and colours for your wedding décor.



Aka the most incredibly shaped roses, so stunning you will mistake them for other flowers. A great substitute for peonies, due to their size, shape and number of petals. They are synonymous of elegance, romanticism and passion and are perfect for any kind of arrangement, bouquet, installation. Depending on the shades you choose and how they are coupled with other florals, you can achieve a wild garden look, or a very elegant and refined look. They are also available until later in the year, but start flowering in late May.


large bridal bouquet of david austin garden roses
Flower By Scarlet and Violet


gold urn table arrangement with david austin garden roses
Florals Haute Horticulture captured by Annabella Charles Photography



Layers and layers of paper thin petals in a rounded shaped flowers, which has a modern look and comes in a variety of amazing colours. It’s one of my go to favourites in this season, and it’s a great substitute if you are unable to get garden roses and peonies. I love how versatile they are, and how they are perfect for any kind of style. Soft, creamy pinks and peaches are super romantic, while oranges, yellow, burgundy and reds are incredible shades to make a great statements.


blush and white bouquet with eucalyptus
Flowers by Shining Flowers, photographed by Sonia Lalla Photography


burgundy and orange ranunculus bouquet

Flowers By Colour Theory Design Co photographed by Alixann Loosle Photography



If I had a penny for every time a bride has asked for peonies outside season…even my lovely sister who planned to get married in November initially, wanted them for her bouquet! I can totally see why they are a firm favourite, with their thousands delicate frilly petals, large blooms and magical colour palettes. They instantly scream wedding and add a touch of elegance to any arrangement. If you want them to be more affordable and of great quality, I do suggest to plan a May wedding.


bridal bouquet featuring coral charm peonies
Flowers by Breesa Lee photographed by Cavin Elizabeth Photography


bride with white peonies bouquet at hedsor house
Flowers by Anna Fern Weddings photographed by Roberta Facchini Photography



This almost old style flowers (I remember admiring my grandmother Iris flowers in her garden, when I was really young) comes in striking colours, from the deepest blues to the deepest plums, all the way to bright yellow, whites and . They can be an amazing addition to a bouquet or arrangement, due to their shape, which makes them stand out from the rest of the flowers. I have been thinking of an all Iris bouquet, which would work perfectly for an avant-garde wedding! They are also perfect to decorate your home, and although they do not have the most extended vase life, their colours and present make up for it. Did you know Iris means rainbow?


blue iris bouquet
Flowers by The Flower Girls photographed by Captured By Catrina


beautiful bridal bouquet with brown iris flowers
Flowers by Nora Case photographed by Clary Pfeiffer Photography



Another delicate, barely there, elegant flower, which adds lightness and poetry to any arrangement. Most varieties are scented, which is amazing to have in a bouquet. Sweet Peas come in a huge variety of colours, they have in fact one of the widest colour ranges in the Plant Kingdom. Some varieties are even bi-colour (perfect to create an ombre effect!). New techniques have been developed to also dye them to achieve even more shades. Although dyed flowers are not generally my favourite, I’m completely partial to a brownie Sweet Pea and the way it couples beautifully with creams, blushes, oranges, mustards, echoing the other colours and bringing them together. I suggest to use them in small delicate vases and posies, to add movement and complement other blooms. They are also amazing once grouped together in large numbers!


white and lilac sweet peas bouquet with white silk ribbon
Flowers by Hey Gorgeous Event photographed by Bradley James Photography


sweet peas and anemones in bud vases
Flowers by The Yard photographed by Will O’Reilly



Another deliciously fragrant flower, stunning just by itself in all type of arrangement , or as a compliment to other blooms. Imagine a floral arch all made of lilac! Not only the air would be saturated with their beautiful scent, you and your guests would be wowed by what I can only describe as a waterfall of flowers. The colours vary from lilac to pink to white, and I find the flower conical and soft shape is amazing for decadent urn designs. Lilac suits weddings with a countryside/garden feel, however can be used also for other styles of weddings by creating unexpected pairings with other florals. Its small dainty florets lovely to create hair accessories or corsages.


bridal bouquet with sweet peas and lilac tree flowers
Flowers by Honey of a Thousand Flowers


wedding arch made of lilac flowers
Flowers by Honey of a Thousand Flowers



A distant cousin of Ranunculus, Columbine or Aquilegia is a typical meadow flower, but this does not mean it cannot be used in sophisticated compositions. It’s best used in bud vases, bouquets or smaller arrangements, close to the eye, as it can get lost otherwise as many other delicate and small flowers, in larger installations. The flower shape is uniquely stunning and quite intricate (it’s also called Granny’s bonnet!). The flowers can be multi-coloured, single or double, and span a large colour palette. They are perfect if you want movement and bouncing florals in your bouquet.


bunch of colourful aquileja flowers
Photo by Johnny Seeds


aquileja flowers in bud vases on a wedding table
Flowers by Palais photographed by Roberta Facchini Photography


Let me know which are your favourite May flowers! Getting married in June? Check out my June favourite blooms here.

Loads of Love,

Anna Fern