You spent countless hours researching the perfect favours for your guests, you matched the shade of the flowers to the colour and texture of the bridesmaids dresses. Your shoes are stunning and you had them personalised with the wedding date and name of your husband to be. But, have you thought about who is capturing it all?

Photographers and videographers are in my opinion one of the most important suppliers for your special day. I believe both are fundamental and they complement each other, as they preserve two different kind of memories. The first captures stills of an emotion, a smile, for you to treasure. The second preserves all the emotional layers of the day, the movements, the hugs from your loved ones, the sound your dress makes whilst it moves across the floor, the twinkling of the candle’s’ light, the trembling of your voice during the vows and the speeches. Moments, emotions, captured forever.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right supplier, and when I say the right one, I mean the right one for you. The one that will give justice to the time you have spent deciding on the elements of your day. The one that will be able to capture the feel of it. The one that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable to be around.


It’s crucial to understand what styles of photography you are most drawn to. Let’s quickly run though the different styles together:

TRADITIONAL : more posed and staged, think family and group shots.

REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: here the photographer or videographer are as unobtrusive as it gets, you might not even realise they are there on the day! The phots captured are candid shots of you, the guests, and you will often see a mix of coloured and black and white shots). This type of photography can be done in very different styles, very bright and light, or more dramatic and dark.

Sometimes the photographer uses a mix of the styles, for example, a reportage style with some more traditional posed photos, for example the bride and groom portraits. Or, a moodier richer post production style mixed with reportage style.

Amanda Karen Photography – bright reportage style combined with fine art portraiture

Rubie Love Photography- 90% reportage with more traditional portraits and moodier/richer style

“A couple of things to consider before starting your search is first what type of style are you looking for, a professional photographer will not divert from their style of photography, as that is what they are passionate about and that’s how they create their best work. Photography is an art form. My style of work is very rich and moody and I focus heavily on emotion and authenticity so if a couple wanting bright, airy and editorial style photos, we would not be the perfect match.”

Ami Robertson – Rubie Love Wedding Photography

ARTISTIC AND EDITORIAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: This type of photography mixes reportage and portrait photography, however there is at time a very creative element, and at times fashion edge to it. The post production style can be quite elaborate. This type of photography mixes reportage and portrait photography, however there is at time a very creative element, and at times fashion edge to it. The post production style can be quite elaborate.

Where can you find these suppliers and their work? Instagram is one of the most used platforms, and if you have a planner, definitely ask for their recommendations.


Is it all about love, isn’t it? It’s like feeling finally at home with this other person, feeling whole and the wedding day is the start of your wonderful journey together.These emotions, these moments need to be captured, as they cannot be recreated in the future. That’s why choosing the right photographer and videographer for your wedding is so important.

Remember, there’s nothing as powerful as emotions.


Anna Fern